Werth LaserProbe


  • Laser sensor using the Foucault operation approach
  • No loss of measuring range due to integration of the laser in the optical beam path
  • Lowest spot size for measurements of smallest details (3 µm with WLP 10x lens)
  • Automatic control of laser intensity and intelligent software design enables measurements of various surface types
  •  suitable for fast flatness measurement of surfaces tilted by up to 80° or correspondingly curved surfaces.

Technical Data

Sensor principle

Optical-axial (Foucault cutting edge)


Permissible probing error up to 0.75 µm



Due to the asymmetry of the laser beam a) by the use of a Foucault cutting edge b), the diffusely reflected light hits different positions of the differential diode c), from which the distance to the workpiece surface d) is determined. A divider mirror e) is used to integrate the laser beam into an image processing sensor f) (illumination not shown).

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