Telecentric Lens

Constant image size in the telecentric range guarantees correct measured values

When changing the object distance within the telecentric range, the imaging scale remains almost constant. This is particularly important for lenses with low magnifications, as these have a large depth of field, which is why it is only possible to focus roughly on the object. Optical 3D metrology with telecentric lenses leads to the lowest measurement errors. Telecentric lenses with fixed magnification achieve the best imaging quality.

  • Lenses with nominal magnification 1x/3x/5x/10x/20x/50x/100x on the camera target
  • Final magnification on monitor increases by a factor of 34 (1/2″ camera and 17″ monitor)
  • Bright and high resolution
  • Measure optically with lowest aberrations
  • Can be used with Werth Laser Probe WLP (TTL laser)
  • For achieving the highest contrast in combination with the Werth MultiRing®
  • Easy magnification change due to complete integration into the Werth multisensor concept

Other benefits

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