2D Fiber Probe


  • The patented Werth Fiber Probe® WFP 2D has set the industry standard for micro-probes for decades and enables highly accurate tactile measurements of extremely small geometries with the smallest probing forces. Due to its low probing forces, the WFP® is also suitable for calibrating optical measurements on workpieces with sensitive surfaces. Typical areas of application are rubber and plastic parts, gauges, spinnerets, micro-gears and micro-bores on injection nozzles and turbine blades.
  • Smallest and most accurate probe for 2D evaluations world-wide
  • Mechanical fiber sensor with optical evaluation from image processor
  • Transmitted light and self illumination mode
  • Lowest contact force of 1 µN
  • Sphere diameters down to 20 µm
  • Control and evaluation software for fully automatic measurements

Technical Data

Sensor principle



Permissible probing error up to 0.3 µm



An image processing sensor (a) camera, b) imaging optics) is used to measure the deflection ΔL of the stylus tip illuminated by an LED c) when the workpiece e) moves. In the target deflection, the exact position of the stylus tip is superimposed with the coordinates of the scale systems of the machine and stored as measurement points or used for the scanning process. Dual-sphere probes f) achieve a greater probing depth than single-sphere probes g).

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